Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Are You?

They Are Confused About Their Identity

If you are reading this blog you probably have some interest in health, fitness and nutrition. (Or you googled “sexy fitness ass” in Google images and it linked you to THIS and you stumbled here looking for more).

I am assuming if you have read this far it was for option A.

Let me ask you a question. Do you exercise? Do you workout? Do you train?

Ok, so I asked three questions, not one. Either way how you answer this really depends on how likely you are to reach your goals.


People who exercise go in the gym without any rhyme or reason. They usually have a negative connotation about it. They go through the motions and wonder around the gym lost, doing whatever machines they see other people doing. They walk on the treadmill seeing how many calories they are burning. They have no specific goals and don’t even think about nutrition. They exercise.

Working Out

People who work out are a little more advanced (using this term loosely!). They have a more direct goal but still use the leg press over squats. They like using drop sets, super sets, upside down German eastern block underground Soviet Union hypertonic blast sets, or any other advanced sounding method. Why you ask? Because it burns so it must be doing something, right? They know nutrition is important and usually under eat hoping to keep their 6-pack abs and get huge gunz! (to match their internet screen name hyooogegunzzz69fourU). They are all about “isolating the biceps, man” and whatever workout Flex printed up this month. They are one step up on “exercisers”. They workout.


People who train know what the hell is up. They go in the gym with a purpose. They have specific goals set in stone and that’s what their nutrition and training show. Once their goal is reached another is set. They do squats, deadlifts, cleans, chins, bench, overhead presses and not because they are hard, but because they work! They take these exercises and actually reach their goals. They have intensity in their eyes and desire in their heart. They don’t give a shit about “getting a pump”. They want to pick some heavy shit up, over and over. And you know what? They look like they “have a pump” ALL THE TIME. They train to push themselves to their limit and try to surpass it each time. They train to better themselves. People who train get to know themselves better. They find out what their made of and what it takes to overcome. They go to battle with the iron not knowing who will win. They TRAIN.


So, What do you do? Let me know in the comments down below!

And incase you where looking for “sexy fitness ass” here you go:


Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

HELL YEA BRO! solid post... i did deads the other day and was only focused on wanting to lift heavy shit. i warmed up and ended up hitting 5 working sets and then dropped weight to hit a high rep set to keep my form in check.

congrats on the recent presentation hoss, keep up the posts.
stay strong

Chase Karnes said...

@ Rob - Thanks man. Sounds like a solid deadlift session!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

a_gain_mm said...

Great post, man! Yeah>> TRAIN, do it HEAVY and that's the way 2 LIVE!!! it's in every area; b it work, education,'s about finding out what is hard 2 do, focus, OVERCOME that difficulty & make another dream come true. Never sattle 4 the easy ride!!!
..and THANKS 4 the yummy sexy pic too, dude :) that's the reward, eh??!!!

Jess said...

Nice post, I'm training the best I can. Goal: kick my mom's ass over break, not likely to happen since she is deadlifting 145 and I haven't been able to deadlift b/c of my stupid gym (finding another one asap) but it keeps me focused all the same. I'll be home in december, hopefully I can train with you a couple weeks.

Chase Karnes said...

@ a_gain_mm - Thanks for the comment man. The carry over from training into other aspects of life is amazing!

Chase Karnes said...

@ Jess - Thanks!

Well she is actually "repping" she can pull a bit more ;)

Stay focused and do what you can with what you have. You need to find a better gym though.

Sounds good. I'll get you in.

Dave said...

The first two reasons are exactly why I cannot TRAIN in a commercial gym. Those people also do not have the relationship with the iron like "we" do. They are the ones that want to "take it easy" and do 6 minute ab routines. I don't get it, nor will I ever.

Chase Karnes said...

@ Dave - Thanks for the comment.

Commercial gyms are a bitch. They are full of those people!